2A06 aluminum plate

2A06 aluminum plate

Aluminium Plate 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003 ... Aluminium Plate 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003 ...2013

1-8 series aluminum plate/coil The main material and usage 2A06 aluminum plate

2. 2000 series aluminum plates represent 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6) 2000 series aluminum plates are characterized by higher hardness, of which the copper content is

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Aluminum plate is the thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, more than 200mm width, length of 16m is called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet,0.2mm for aluminum,200mm width for the row or strip (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the 1050/H24 Aluminum Sheet - benchmark-stainless1050 aluminum alloy 2000 series aluminum plate represents 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6) 2000 series aluminum plate is characterized by high hardness, of which copper content is the highest, about 3-5%. The 2000 series and 7000 aluminum plates are aviation aluminum materials, which are not often used in conventional industries.

2000 Series Aluminum Alloy Plate Thick Aluminum Plate 2A06 aluminum plate

2219 Aluminum Alloy Plate 2219 aluminum alloy can be applied for oxidizer tank in space racket, superic aircraft skin and structural components. The operating temperature of 2219 aluminum alloy is about -270~300,it has good welding performance and high fracture toughness. 2000 Series Military Aluminum2219 Aluminum plate. 2A01 Aluminum sheet. 2A11 prepainted Aluminum coil. 2A10 Aluminum coil. 2A06 Aluminum plate. 2A04 Aluminum flat bar. 2A02 Aluminum flat bar. 1 2. About Us Company Profile Factory Tour Company culture; Products

2A02 Aircraft Aerospace Aluminum Alloy - China 2A02 2A06 aluminum plate

2A02 Aircraft Aerospace Aluminum Bar Forgings is a kind of alloy with high strength in hard aluminum. It is characterized by high strength at normal temperature and high thermal strength, which belongs to heat-resistant hard aluminum. The alloy has high plasticity during hot deformation. 2A06 (LY6) Aluminum CoilIf you want to know more about our coil or other aluminum products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. Apart from aluminum coil, we are also supplying aluminum foil, aluminum sheet/plate and aluminum strip. Specification. 1) Grade 1000-8000 series. 2) Thickness 0.20mm

2A12 T4 LY12 Aircraft Aluminum Plate,ly12 aluminium

Aluminum Alloy Plate. 6063 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate Thickness 6mm 1250mm*2500mm Stock Size. 5083 LF4 En Aw-5083 Aluminum Alloy Plate Marine Grade Good Weldability ABS Certificate. Durable Aluminium 5083 H116 Sheet , LF4 H112 5083 Aluminum Plate For Oil Storage Tank. Automotive Part 6016 Aluminum Sheet , T6 T4 Temper 0.8mm Aluminium Plate 2B06 aluminum plate sheet2B06 aluminum plate sheet. 2 series aluminum alloy is a heat treatable strengthening alloy. Because of its good comprehensive mechanical properties, it is widely used in aerospace, automobile, military industry and other industries. Typical brands include hard aluminum aa20172024, 2A06 and other alloys on aircraft, of which 2024 alloy can be 2A06 aluminum plate

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2xxx aluminum is with copper as the main alloy element. It includes It includes Al-Cu-Mg alloy, Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy and Al-Cu-Mn alloy. All of these alloys can be heat treated. It features high strength, including 2A06, 2A10, 2A12, 2A16, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2124, 2224, 2524 and other alloy grades. 2xxx aluminum plate is of high hardness, which 2A06 aluminum plate 6061 Aluminum plate_Aluminum products_Shandong Aluminum products-6061 Aluminum plate is one of the main products of Shandong Chengming Steel Co. with good price and quality, factory direct sales. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, with various products on sale and low discounts.

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7000 series aluminum plate. Submit. . SERVICE TELEPHONE +86 0531-67801808. The company's excellent sales team, looking forward to your call, your choice is the power of our development, we will attentively serve you; Take quality as the core, price as the advantage, service as the auxiliary. Aluminium Plate 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003 2A06 aluminum plate2013 aluminum Pre-stretching plate for construction 1000-8000 series Pre-stretching plate 1000-8000 series 1.Produced by your requirement 2.Approved by ISO9001:2008 3. Short delievery time

Application field of 2000 series aluminum plate 2A06 aluminum plate

2A06 Aluminum plate Aircraft Structure with Working Temperature 150-250 Celsius and Aircraft Structure Rivet with Working Temperature 125-250 Celsius. 2A10 Aluminum plate Strength higher than 2A01 alloy, used to manufacture aircraft structural rivets with working temperature less than or equal to 100 degrees Celsius. Classification of aluminium coils> Aluminum Plate > Aluminum Coil > Aluminum Bar > stainless steel sheet > stainless steel pipe > stainless steel coil > stainless steel plate > stainless steel profile > BA series / No.4 and HL 2A06 aluminum plate 2Series 2000 representing Series 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6) 2000 is characterized by high hardness, of which . copper content is the highest 2A06 aluminum plate

aluminium sheet 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003 2A06 aluminum plate

Grade 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003,3004,5052,5005,5083,6061,7075 Type plate,sheet Application Industry Thickness 0.15mm~200mm Width 10mm~2500mm ly12 Aluminum plate+861895390183 (East Eend of Liaohe Road),Dadong Steel Pipe Market,Liaocheng Development Zone

Aluminium Plate 1050,1060,1100,2A16(LY16),2A06(LY6),3003 2A06 aluminum plate


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